The people Behind The Resumes


We have first hand experience of what a resume can do. Getting the jobs we wanted tested our ability to be creative with every resume. As students, we have spent hours editing and perfecting our efaces. After all, that’s what a resume is, an electronic face. Unfortunately no one resume was enough for all the jobs and schools we aimed for. Lacking guidance and frustrated with money-grabbing businesses, we have decided that advocating for yourself should not cost you an arm and a leg.

Affordability is our priority and we hope to lend a helping hand to anyone who wants to present their best selves forward. We will always deliver quality, aim for transparency, and put your satisfaction above all else.

As a team of American graduate students and professionals, we understand the value of a well written resume and first impressions. After years of editing resumes for our loved ones, we have decided to bring our skills to the public. Our multinational team will help you create a resume ready for the international job market and graduate school programs.

Our position here in New York has allowed us to work with students in American Universities such as Purdue University and New York University.

Connect with our Team

Yasmin Siddiqui, Founder & Senior Editor

Joseph Reich, Co-founder & Senior Editor

Anuradha Tulsian, Outreach Ambassador

Saishree Singal, Marketing Coordinator